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Absolute Freedom with Adam Kokesh

In this episode, I traveled to Arlington, VA, and spoke with Adam Kokesh, who plans on running for President in 2020 on the platform of dissolving the government. Adam’s book, FREEDOM!, it is available for free in many formats.

Adam is a marine and Iraq war veteran, and says the war was a mistake and a crime. War is a symptom of militarism, as Lyndon Johnson warned us about.

Libertarianism is a philosophy based on self-ownership (which gives rise to property rights), this leads to the non-aggression principle stating that coercion is unethical. This gives rise to voluntaryism—the belief that all relationships should be free of fraud and coercion.

Statism the belief in state monopoly of violence in a given territory, and belief in goodness or righteousness of organized violence.

All government action is funded by taxation (theft) and is therefore illegitimate.

Adam describes government as “the racket.” He means that the purpose of government is to control you and rip you off, and it is willing to kill and lie to achieve that.

The average American works for government half the year [via taxation].

Adam cites professor Steven Pinker, saying we are living in the most peaceful times in Human history, as a trend predicting that nonviolent voluntary relationships will replace coercive government.

Adam says the Constitution is not libertarian document, and that the framers (vs founders) are usurpers that authorized out of control government; the only libertarian part was the Bill of Rights which was a compromise to allow for a power grab.

For Adam, one cannot be libertarian leaning, you either are or are not libertarian.

Govern means to control, and if you are under control you are not free and modern government is ultimately backed by violence. There is no such thing as consent to being governed.

More efficient society (freedom) is the trend that will prevail, and the market has preference for this over coercive relationships (government).

A Libertarian is an Anarchist, which means they accept no rulers, but can agree to live by rules voluntarily.

The origin of political terror comes from the French reign of terror, which was government-sponsored.

Private security has advantages over state police forces—they are more accountable. Government protects its own agents from responsibility.

Decentralization is an orderly transition from government-controlled relationships to community voluntary relationships. Local government by nature cannot do bad things on the scale federal or state governments can.

The Internet makes it harder for government to lie (although they can spread fake news, we still find out the truth faster).

Adam says 90% of violence is caused by government, and therefore if we dissolve government, society will be less violent.